Host a Fundraiser

Are you inspired by the work of the 10|100 Committee? Invite a few friends over and host a fundraiser.

Hosting a 10|100 fundraiser is simple.

  1. Select a location – Homes work best. It’s tempting to get fancy, but the best fundraisers are located in a place that gives your friends a connection to your home or office.
  2. Keep it simple – Lavish parties are awesome, but don’t over-spend your fundraising. Serve some simple snacks, turn up the Spotify, and let everyone enjoy each other.
  3. Tell your friends – Create a Facebook event, set up a page on Eventbrite,┬ásend an email, and make some phone calls. Let them know how passionate you are.
  4. Select a date – Breakfast, lunch, and evening┬áreceptions are always popular. Let the 10|100 Committee know when you would like to host your fundraiser so we can support you: