This News Shocked Me. . .

When I changed my LinkedIn status to reflect my latest project as chairman of The 10|100 Committee, I received a flood of email. Thank you. In an amazing show of support, you have overwhelmed me.

Snapchat-1359944555659410639Let me share how this all got started. . . Congressman Carson sent me to Washington, D.C. last month for political training with the Congressional Black Caucus.

On our way to the Hill, I started researching African American Congressmen. I was shocked by what I found. Our country has grown from African Americans being slaves in the field to leaders in sports, business, community, and more. Along with those achievements, we have also celebrated nine black U.S. Senators.
But, we have also only celebrated nine black U.S. Senators in 200 years of our nation’s history. In addition, while there are almost 60 groups committed to the advancement of women in politics, I have been hard-pressed to find more than a handful that do the same for African Americans.

If we’re going to change poverty, crime, and educational attainment rates in our community, we have to do something different. If we’re going to stop the war between community and police, we have to create a systematic pipeline of candidates in positions of power who have the interests of diverse communities in mind.
The 10|100 Committee is a bi-partisan political action committee that raises money to train African Americans to run for office and funds their campaign. With more faces in public office who reflect the community, our nation will begin to change for the better. It will change for the people.

Please make a contribution to help us get started. 


Jamar Cobb-Dennard
The 10|100 Committee