Vote. . . But, Not for President

One of my long-time friends told me that his wife felt disenfranchised by the presidential candidates, and wasn’t going to vote.

I almost spat in disgust.

How could she abstain from voting after our forefathers risked their lives in wars for our freedom?

How could she not vote when, a generation ago, the voices of women and blacks were marginalized at the polls.

img_20161012_183904Go vote.

I understand. Trump can be hard to get behind. Clinton can be hard to trust. But, there has to be something deep inside of you that beats for the life of our republic.

The republic will not stand if its people won’t stand for it.

As you mull over who, when, and how you will vote, please consider the following:

  1. Vote down-ballot – If you don’t like our choices for president, don’t vote for them. Vote for everyone else. There are senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, councilmen, county officials, and public questions on the ballot that need your voice. Frankly, the down-ballot races have a deeper impact on your tax liability, day-to-day life, and community than the presidential race does.
  2. Vote early – Many clerk’s offices across the country began their early-vote process this week. While the energy around voter registration is commendable, it will all be for nothing if no one votes. Voting early will save you time, and you can do it on your schedule versus the one day the masses take to the polls. Some states do not offer early voting, but many do. Check if yours does, and then find out when and where to vote through your county clerk’s website.
  3. Create an election day plan – Maybe early-voting isn’t your thing. But, we all know how our days get. We will start November 8th with an intent to vote, but will get sidetracked by kids, work, traffic, projects, sports, and whatever else will stop us from exercising our rights. Create an election day plan by answering the following questions. Where do I vote? Who am I voting for? How do I find out more information about what is on my ballot? What time am I voting? How will I get to the polls? What is my alternate voting time in case my day throws me a curveball?

You have one chance to make a difference in how your community is run. Don’t throw it away because you don’t like the political big-wigs at the top of the ticket.

Go vote.

PS – Thank you for your end-of-quarter contributions! We had our 2nd largest week of contributions, doubled the number of donors on the rolls, and are now the 2nd largest PAC  in Indiana that supports African American candidates.