A #TrumpAmerica is great for moderate progressives. 

Trump showed us how to win, and now we have 2 years to prove that we learned our lesson.

The 2016 election results weren’t about Republicans beating Democrats–they were a demonstration of how the country would like to consume its politics and political candidates.

The pendulum of voting always swings, and those who believe in diversity, inclusion, equity, and progress have to be ready.

We have to be ready to abandon some of the traditional habits of campaigning. Pandering to the media, donors, and every group with a tiny violin won’t get us a “W”. We have to know our audience, and craft an authentic message for them.

Photo Credit: Paul Noth, The New Yorker

Speaking of authenticity, Donald Trump didn’t just make offensive statements because he wanted to be divisive–he was authentic to himself. He didn’t say what others thought a presidential candidate should say. Instead, he said what he was thinking. The truth for himself and the truth for his voting base. The Donald’s words resonated with a select group of people who turned out in mass to create an election landslide against one of the most prepared politicians of our generation.

What is the story of progress and who is our audience? What words, stories, images, and language will resonate with them? What character will get them to come out in droves and elect a sea of politicians who represent the diverse thoughts of Americans.
This isn’t a movement of Democrats or Republicans. Trump’s wasn’t. His was a movement of ideology that inspired people into action. Trump created a dialogue of feeling with voters. His tales weren’t mired in data and research. They were emotionally charged and hit the issues that enraged people to the polls.

If you believe that America is better than what we have seen from our political leaders this year, stop hiding. Stop thinking that no one thinks like you do. Stop wishing that things will change without you taking action. Stop holding your tongue when you hear and see things that aren’t right.

Speak up. Get active. Create the wave of progress that our cities, states, and country needs.

The midterms are waiting for you.