Values of Our Leaders Matter Most

The values of our political leaders matter the most. . . 

The 10|100 Committee has been working diligently on what matters most in politics–values. Yes, we’re a bi-partisan political action committee that supports candidates of color. But, what’s next?

The 10|100 committee doesn’t recruit & support candidates based on skin color alone. An exercise in blindly supporting candidates based on something innocuous as race will not address the true value of diversity.

Our committee had a vision. We began to picture and describe the values that the ideal leaders of our next generation would hold.

In short, here they are:

  • Inspiring – The candidates that usher in the next generation of leadership must rally people, and inspire them into action to create change in their communities.


  • Moderate – Partisan politics don’t work. Moderate candidates who vote by issue and not by party are favored by the next generation of voters.


  • Solution, not politically, motivated – Voters elect politicians by party, and elected officials should vote per solutions that will best serve their constituents. Party politics has its place in elections—not in the halls of policy making and administration.


  • Leads with communities-of-color in mind – It would be fruitless for us to recruit and fund candidates who are inspiring, moderate, and solution oriented if they didn’t have communities of color in mind when they make decisions. We want our elected officials to represent all their constituents.


  • A person-of-color – Of least importance, but certainly a factor, is our candidate’s racial heritage. The 10|100 committee seeks to create a critical mass of persons-of-color in elected office. This group will reflect values important to all Americans.

We’re excited to dig through our state and country’s greatest leaders to discover candidates who fit this mold. We believe that there is something better out there, and we’re committed to find it.

What values are important to you in our next generation of political leaders?

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