Deputy Fundraiser – Help Wanted

Join the movement to recruit, train, and fund the next generation of America’s political candidates. The 10|100 Committee is hiring a deputy fundraiser.

The 10|100 Committee is a political action committee with a vision to see 10 US Senators and 100 US House members of color serve concurrently in congress by 2050.

We are the 2nd largest PAC of our kind in Indiana, and top 20 in the country. Our bi-partisan board of advisors is led by Congressmen Carson & Hamilton.

Learn more about the movement at

Minorities will be 57% of the US population by 2060. The 10|100 committee will be armed with candidates to serve a changing constituency.

Our team is growing, and we need to a deputy fundraiser who believes in our vision, and is ready to invest themselves in a cause that will redefine politics as we know it.

A successful deputy fundraiser has the following skills:
– The ability to use databases & online resources to perform donor research
– The ability to connect with donors face-to-face at events and one-on-one meetings
– The ability to organize and execute event logistics
– The ability to work independently and autonomously
– Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, & Adobe InDesign
– Familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and Hootsuite

This is a salary + commission position.

If our vision inspires you, and you possess the preceding skills, send your resume and cover letter to

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