Get to the Right Answers

Former First Lady Michelle Obama came to Indianapolis on Tuesday and said, “we don’t get to the right answers if the same people are at the table.”

Before we even entertain what the right answers may be, lets focus on getting different people to the table. If everyone comes from a similar background, went to the same type of school, has a homogeneous family background, our decisions will be made in a vacuum. Fresh ideas come from new people. Diverse perspectives challenge the status quo and give leaders a reason to do something different.

Mrs. Obama’s philosophy about how we get to the right answers for America speaks to the core of the 10|100 Committee’s mission. Once we train a diverse generation of leaders to be prepared to take a seat at decision making tables, then we will have different people at the table. We can not wish our way to this. We can not hope our way to this. We have to act and put our money where our dreams are.

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The 10|100 Committee is a bi-partisan political action committee that supports candidates-of-color. More on the committee’s mission at

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