Republicans of Color are Unicorns

Many call the 10|100 Committee’s vision a fantasy. They can’t see how the bi-partisanship thing works. They can’t imagine where we’re going to find Republicans of color to run.

Well. . . we do and have. Our 2018 slate of candidates will be released next week, and on it you may find a Black Republican.

As a committee, we don’t care about a candidates political party–we care about the issues that a candidate is willing to stand up for and the problems that they are willing to fix. We ask ourselves one question; will this candidate fight for communities of color when they’re elected?

That’s how we believe the future of politics in America should run. We’re done with divisiveness. We’re through with never-ending problems in our social and economic systems. We’re sick of party favored candidates who promise voters the moon, and then leave all of the people of color behind. We’re finished.

Powers & Sons Construction Co. started building houses 50 years ago, but they had a problem. The company had a vision of building houses for black families in Chicagoland, but black people couldn’t get loans. So, the company’s founders partnered with a black-owned insurance company that had the solvency to make loans to black families. Both companies flourished and a community was built.

It’s that kind of thinking that creates better outcomes for communities of color. Solutions that transcend party and impact lives. People of color have the responsibility to turn around our schools. The onus is on us to be well trained for jobs. We must demand that the criminal justice and immigration systems be reformed so our people have a chance. We have to stand up, raise money, organize and do it.

Yes, Republicans of color may be hard to find, but they’re out there, and we can work together. They have the same beating heart for community that Democrats, Independents and Libertarians do. Let’s find them, encourage them, support them, vote for them and hold them accountable to use their position to create a better life for us all.

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