Will America Fall Like Rome?

One day, immigrants from Africa and India were in a heated discussion about the position of America as an international super power. They contended that every economic, military, and politically dominant country in history has eventually fallen. Israel. Egypt. Greece. Great Britain. Germany. The U.S.S.R. Their final conclusion is that the United States of America is next.

In fact, U.S. News ranked the United States as the 8th out of 80 best countries in the world. 

Number 8. Ouch.

America is still viewed as a land of opportunity for many around the world. We are a safe haven. A place to find a job, live in relative peace, and economically advance if we play our cards right. America is a shining beacon of opportunity for many whose governments have left them behind.

Barely ranking in the top 10 best countries in the world should give our political leaders something to consider. Business as usual will not cut it anymore. We must do better–especially for communities of color that are projected to become the American majority by 2045.

Our citizenship ranking is plagued by a lack of trust, poorly distributed political power and lack of concern for the environment. America’s entrepreneurship ranking sags because skilled labor and education are a step behind. Marginal and expensive public health systems and income inequality also weigh down our country’s quality of life score. Many of these issues can be addressed with smart policy that not only lifts communities of color, but also elevates the capabilities of the American economy.

America does not have to fall like Rome, but we have to take a good look at where we’re at, our opportunities, and begin to plan for a future that embraces diversity.

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