The Normalization of Minority Politicians

By Anthony Walton

The biggest threat to the diversification of U.S. elected officials is the fact that many U.S. citizens are uneasy when it comes to change. Considering the majority of elected officials are white men, it would be a shock and adjustment for many Americans to look up and see leaders who are visibly a representation of alternative and often unaccepted identities. The normalization of minority politicians is essential to our country’s growth and move towards a more progressive future. Throughout our country’s history, minority and underrepresented citizens have repeatedly been the waymakers for change.

Having a congress or senate that is filled with a majority of one race and one gender leads to fewer outcomes for the advancement of people who have those salient intersectionalities. These two identities are barely a scratch on the surface of what it means to be a minority in America, but the point we are making is that right now, our selection of Congressman and Senators don’t represent all Americans. When respected, diversity in political candidates allow for more voices to be heard, understood, and represented.

Source: The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute — Virginia Commonwealth

So, what is the key to bringing about this change? For starters, it begins with becoming familiar with our options. Who are the politicians that currently represent minorities? Who is campaigning with the intent of making change for those who struggle to make it for themselves?

Next, we must begin backing those minority politicians who have already made the necessary steps to gain visibility. We must work to align ourselves with political leaders who aren’t just minorities, but minorities that care about all those who face inequality off of the basis of things they can’t change. As Americans, we all matter regardless of where we come from, or how we identify. The 10|100 committee serves to connect minorities and underrepresented Americans with the candidates who will make their voices heard.

Our movement, #wematter is an all encompassing term that will jump start the journey to normalizing minority politicians. Moving forward we hope to connect you to the candidates that will make your voice heard, so that in the future we have political leaders that represent the interests of all Americans.


The 10|100 Committee is a bi-partisan political action committee that supports candidates-of-color. More on the committee’s mission at

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